Week 4: To the Doctor

No walking today.  Sube has called the Doctor and made an appointment for Tuesday, April 27.  Spent the evening mowing the yard and weed eating to get cardio in. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Day 18 Monday April 26, 2010
Distance 0 miles
Time 0

I went to the Doctor today. He said that the swelling below my knee is an inflammation of the bursae. He gave me a choice between the slower less painful approach that involved a course of drugs but much longer recovery time, OR a shot of Cortizone right in the middle of the swelling. I said "Let's go for the shot". Should be back to running in about 3 weeks. Tomorrow should be the last day of much pain, then it should get better.  I am ready to run.

Day 19 Tuesday April 27, 2010
Distance 0 miles
Time 0

Doctor said the knee would hurt today. He is one smart fellow.  I got to get back outside today.  I went to the local High School track and walked for a mile and a half. I turned up a little short of the prescribed 30 minutes.   Knee was smarting pretty good by the time I quit.  That's right I said quit.  I limped off the track and to the car, and drove home slowly.  I am now on my way back to running.  Sube loaned me her MP3 player to listen to as I walked.  That is a pretty neat invention.  No static, no fading in and out, no commercials.  She sure knows how to take care of a guy.  When I got home Sube had ribeye steaks Shake and Baked and nearly ready to eat.  Carrots, peaches from last year with granola mixed in, and some whole wheat toast with iced tea to drink.  Nom nom nom nom. Life is good.

Day 20 Wednesday April 28, 2010
Distance 1.5 miles
Time 25:18          (Slow, but back on the board)

We went to St. Louis today and watched the St. Louis Cardinal baseball team win handily.  Resulted in no walking or running.  

Day 21 Thursday April 29, 2010
Distance 0 miles
Time 0

Sube and I went to the track together. She climbed all the way up to the top of the bleachers to get a birds eye view.  GOOD JOB Sube.  I made a discovery.  After the first lap or so, I extended my stride, resulting in less pain and better time.  Eureka.  My lap times started going down.  I assume that the longer stride caused less jarring on the knee and therefore less pain.  Whatever, I managed to do 2 miles.  Yeah team!

Day 22 Friday April 30, 2010
Distance 2 miles
Time 30:46

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