Spring is almost here,  and cold and flu season is just about over.  Has anyone else noticed the practice of people twisting toilet paper or kleenex into a corkscrew shape and cramming one up each nostril? It seems to give some people a certain relief from a runny nose.  If done just right, it looks like there is only one nostril, right in the middle of the snoot, like a UniSnoot.

I ate at a BBQ joint in East St. Louis one time. It had a little  bullet proof plexiglass revolving door that you put your money in and got your food out of.  They had some FINE BBQ pig snoots. I saw some people order them and then eat them by sticking their index finger and their middle fingers right into the nostrils. Made for a perfect way to hold the snoot while the swiveled it around and ate the meat off.  It was some fine eating.

Well If one tried to eat a UniSnoot, which finger would one use? Thumb? Index finger? New at a BBQ joint near you! UNISNOOT! Ask for it if you don't see it.
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