Orange Dream Bar

It's Saturday afternoon.  Sube and I are kicked back enjoying Spring in Southern Illinois.  I am working on copying LPs to the computer. We just bought a 320 Gig Paperback external hard drive. We transferred all the pics and music over there in order to unclutter C: drive on our computer. 

Sube is watching some movie about a bunch of dresses.  27 of them?  She seems to be enjoying it. We watched/listened to the Cardinals beating the Tampa Bay Rays.  Cool!  What is this about Ken Griffey possibly returning to Seattle to finish out his career?  Seems like a good move. 

I kept hearing some kind of jangling music in the background.  I asked Sube if that was the movie or the ice cream truck.  Turned out to be the ice cream truck making the first round of the year.  Sube sent me for an orange pushup. The truck had turned the opposite way down the street toward Li'l Mikey's house.  I chased it down, but they were out of pushups. So, I got her an orange dream bar.  She was happy to get it instead. Phew!

Life is good.
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Orange Dream Bar
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