I would like to wish all a Happy Thanksgiving Day. I have been blessed and hope that everyone of you has been blessed. 

Blog Entry CommentsComments: 3 (Last: SuBe · 11/23/12 1:32 PM)

Susan is nearing her one year anniversary of receiving her new lungs.  On October the 21st, she celebrated by walking in the Annual Second Wind 5K walk/run in Forest Park. The whole family came out and supported her for the event. Lots of hills, good food and laughs were had during the course of the day. She did great! It is so nice to have her back! 


The next day was the Rock 'N Roll Marathon. I finished it six minutes over my goal of five hours. The day was perfect, in the forties, at about daybreak and slowly warming the eighties toward noon.  Again, having the family there to support and celebrate was really nice.  Time to gear up for Halloween.  Enjoy the festive season that is getting ready to start!

Blog Entry CommentsComments: 6 (Last: Lou 61 · 10/30/12 6:21 PM)

Susan Update - Dr. Trulock said the magic words, "Susan will be getting out of the hospital next Friday." Hooray! She is getting by on room air, (like we do). Rebecca (Social Worker) informed Susan that she is Barnes-Jewish lung transplant number 1178. (I just call her 8) Today she walked at her target speed for 18 minutes. We celebrated by ordering Papa John's Pizza and bread sticks and watching a video. It was like being home for the evening except .......
We are thankful for all the things we have been blessed with. God is good. We are praying for friends and relatives in need. Good night.

Blog Entry CommentsComments: 8 (Last: Triggers · 2/24/12 1:07 AM)

Susan Update - This was another really good day for Susan. She passed her swallow test, which means that she can now eat solid foods for the first time in a month. Think mashed potatoes and gravy and breakfast items. Good times! She walked about 800 feet, and did an 8 hour wean from the ventilator. She is sleeping peacefully now. We want to thank the donor and the donor's family for the gift of life. Please pray for comfort for them. The Lord has been good to us. Goodnight.

Blog Entry CommentsComments: 5 (Last: jodee · 12/9/11 10:03 AM)

Susan Update - Today was a work day for Susan. She walked, and did 4 hours PVS time on the ventilator. After having a stint inserted into her Gall Bladder yesterday, the pain a and swelling went down measurably. Things are going much smoother today despite a tough headache that lasted most of the day. Susan would like to thank everyone for the cards, phone calls, visits, prayers and well wishes. 

I would like to add that I appreciate the continued support so many of you continue to show me, and my family.


Thanks to all at Social Strata for the get well card.  It was very thoughtful.  

Blog Entry CommentsComments: 2 (Last: Lori · 12/6/11 8:56 AM)

Susan Update - Susan is bedded down for the night. Our night nurse is from Makanda. We didn't have to explain where Harrisburg was to him. Susan did 2 hours breathing over her Ventilator. Score 0, which means zero effect on her heart. Top score possible. Those nontrads know how to bust the curve. Hope everyone has a good weekend. Get out and do something before it gets too cold. Hug someone. Goodnight.

Blog Entry CommentsComments: 5 (Last: Lori · 11/30/11 4:42 PM)


Susan Update - Today was a good day at the hospital. She is back on track to get the ventilator removed. We certainly do have a lot to be thankful for. I spoke with a lady today who said that the Lord has never made a body that couldn't be healed. Wow! Susan will be at this address for at least 3 weeks.

Susan Bevis
8923 PICRU
1 Barnes-Jewish Hospital Dr.

St Louis, MO 63110

Enjoy the weekend.

Blog Entry CommentsComments: 4 (Last: James · 11/27/11 4:47 AM)

Apparently it has been a while since I have posted. I have been reading posts though, just hanging in the background.


Sube is working hard at staying on the healthy program, she is still hitting the treadmill hard.  


Harold came through town so he and I did some Geotromping through woods, creeks, and a tunnel.  We ended up finding 5.  Good times! We had a shot at a first to find, but ended up being 2nd and 3rd to find.  Still got smiley faces though. 


Sube and I went to Chicago when I ran the Chicago Marathon.  That was a goal after the heart attack and it finally got marked off the list.  It seems now that a marathon is a really long way to run. It seemed like a good goal nearly two years ago.  Thanks to Lori for posting about all the runs in the snow and dark.  I got to experience all that and then some in the train-up for the race.  


St. Louis Cardinals are up 2 games to 1 over the Texas Rangers in the 2011 World Series.  GO CARDS!  What a year!  


Congrats to Rosemary and Ted on the move out East.  You guys have the country covered now.  


I look forward to reading posts from everyone, so post often.

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The Seattle Mariners will be coming to Busch Stadium in St. Louis on June the 14th. Recently retired Ken Griffey Jr. will be missed. Several of his history making bashes were accomplished at the home of the St. Louis Cardinals. Jr. was admired and respected by Cardinal baseball fans.  Anybody got a dollar on the series?
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cards seattle
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No walking today.  Sube has called the Doctor and made an appointment for Tuesday, April 27.  Spent the evening mowing the yard and weed eating to get cardio in. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Day 18 Monday April 26, 2010
Distance 0 miles
Time 0

I went to the Doctor today. He said that the swelling below my knee is an inflammation of the bursae. He gave me a choice between the slower less painful approach that involved a course of drugs but much longer recovery time, OR a shot of Cortizone right in the middle of the swelling. I said "Let's go for the shot". Should be back to running in about 3 weeks. Tomorrow should be the last day of much pain, then it should get better.  I am ready to run.

Day 19 Tuesday April 27, 2010
Distance 0 miles
Time 0

Doctor said the knee would hurt today. He is one smart fellow.  I got to get back outside today.  I went to the local High School track and walked for a mile and a half. I turned up a little short of the prescribed 30 minutes.   Knee was smarting pretty good by the time I quit.  That's right I said quit.  I limped off the track and to the car, and drove home slowly.  I am now on my way back to running.  Sube loaned me her MP3 player to listen to as I walked.  That is a pretty neat invention.  No static, no fading in and out, no commercials.  She sure knows how to take care of a guy.  When I got home Sube had ribeye steaks Shake and Baked and nearly ready to eat.  Carrots, peaches from last year with granola mixed in, and some whole wheat toast with iced tea to drink.  Nom nom nom nom. Life is good.

Day 20 Wednesday April 28, 2010
Distance 1.5 miles
Time 25:18          (Slow, but back on the board)

We went to St. Louis today and watched the St. Louis Cardinal baseball team win handily.  Resulted in no walking or running.  

Day 21 Thursday April 29, 2010
Distance 0 miles
Time 0

Sube and I went to the track together. She climbed all the way up to the top of the bleachers to get a birds eye view.  GOOD JOB Sube.  I made a discovery.  After the first lap or so, I extended my stride, resulting in less pain and better time.  Eureka.  My lap times started going down.  I assume that the longer stride caused less jarring on the knee and therefore less pain.  Whatever, I managed to do 2 miles.  Yeah team!

Day 22 Friday April 30, 2010
Distance 2 miles
Time 30:46

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Spring is almost here,  and cold and flu season is just about over.  Has anyone else noticed the practice of people twisting toilet paper or kleenex into a corkscrew shape and cramming one up each nostril? It seems to give some people a certain relief from a runny nose.  If done just right, it looks like there is only one nostril, right in the middle of the snoot, like a UniSnoot.

I ate at a BBQ joint in East St. Louis one time. It had a little  bullet proof plexiglass revolving door that you put your money in and got your food out of.  They had some FINE BBQ pig snoots. I saw some people order them and then eat them by sticking their index finger and their middle fingers right into the nostrils. Made for a perfect way to hold the snoot while the swiveled it around and ate the meat off.  It was some fine eating.

Well If one tried to eat a UniSnoot, which finger would one use? Thumb? Index finger? New at a BBQ joint near you! UNISNOOT! Ask for it if you don't see it.
Blog Entry CommentsComments: 3 (Last: Lori · 3/9/10 8:55 AM)
Bunn Coffee pot

Has anyone used one of these Bunn coffee making machines? They work great when used by anyone with even half bit of intelligence.  You can probably already tell what my problem is then.  

We have one of these at work.  Blaine F. or I usually start the day by attempting to make 2 or 3 pots of coffee without making a HUGE mess.  Sometimes we are successful.

  1. Make sure there is an empty pot on the bottom burner ready to receive hot coffee.
  2. Make sure basket contains filter and coffee and is inserted in the track above the pot on bottom burner.  (seems simple doesn't it?)
  3. Pour the right amount of cold water in to the hole on top of the machine. (Did I mention the machine sits on top of an old computer cabinet)
  4. WAIT for coffee to fully drain into the pot.  
Failure to do any of the above will result in about 12 gallons of hot (did I mention hot?) coffee spraying, pouring, and running all over the cabinet, refrigerator, floor, and possibly down the stairs to the basement, not to mention assorted body parts and clothing.  Luckily this sort of mistake only happens 2 or 3 times a week.  My usual reaction is to stand there with jaw hanging while I wonder "What is the matter with the machine?  It isn't supposed to do THAT"  Just long enough for the coffee to drench the area.   I only use this machine about 220 days a year (metric conversion table available on request)  I hope to get the hang of it sometime in the next 5 years.
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Harold stopped by today on the way through Southern Illinois.  Sube and I got to eat dinner with him and talk LiveCloud.  Hope to see him again soon.  Let this serve as an open invitation to other Clouders to come on down.

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by Abigail Elizabeth McIntyre 

Crap....It's Cold 

The End


Blog Entry CommentsComments: 6 (Last: LowonIQ · 1/15/10 9:04 AM)
This is a very easy way to visually thank a member of the military for what they are doing for us.  Take a couple of minutes and learn how.

Click for Link
Blog Entry CommentsComments: 5 (Last: Rosemary O'Neill · 1/12/10 8:34 AM)
Checking to see if I can post photos.  

Apparently the photo must be on the net with a proper URL. Not able to find "Upload and attachment."  Hope is just a glitch.
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Steak and shake Last week, Sube, our son Chris, and I were sitting in a local Steak n Shake  at about 10:00 pm.  We had just finished the last of our Christmas shopping and we were looking forward to a delicious steakburger and chili.

About the time our food was being served, a party of about 10 Carnival workers entered the restaurant with great fanfare. The Carnies were dressed as if they had just got off work.  Rhinestone collars and elaborate uniforms with the name of a touring "Exotic Animals Exhibit" festooned on the back.  As they were being seated, one of them took off his uniform jacket.  He had a huge set of black eagle wings tattooed on  his back showing clearly underneath and creeping out of his wife-beater teeshirt.  

He rose and went back to the front of the restaurant and began putting money into one of those novelty claw machines.  The kind that took his money and gave him about thirty seconds to pick up a stuffed doll and transport it to the drop slot at the front of the machine.  Apparently, he REALLY wanted the Santa Claus stuffed doll.  He put dollar after dollar into the machine. Each time the claw would try to grab the Santa but just barely slip loose. The Carnie played the machine untill he realized he was out of money, he began borrowing money from others in the group.  Soon, nearly the entire party was gathered around the machine helping to urge him on.  It was quite the bonding moment. Other customers in the Steak n Shake began to take notice and offer encouragement (if not dollars). 

The suspense was palpable as the doll would fall from the claw at just the last second, prompting another round of pocket searching and pooling of quarters. As we finished our meal and exited, the Carnie was left alone at the machine, leaning on the front of the glass wall staring at the Santa doll.  It was sad to see the Carnie get outplayed by the Steak n Shake Carnie machine.  Seemed almost poetic.
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Blog Entry CommentsComments: 5 (Last: NORFOLK in USE · 1/3/10 7:31 PM)
I wonder about what a typical history class looks like in your part of the world.  Does it focus on National, local, county, state,  or provincial?  How far back does it cover? Is it Politically Correct (PC)? 

U.S. History tends to break down into 2 parts, up to the Civil War then after the Civil War.  Civics classes tend to touch on Current events and news stories.  Students take the Constitution test in Civics class as well.  

A lot of U.S. History revolves around involvement in war and the slow progression to equality.  Since our country is pretty new in the world scheme, we can cover it in one year.  

Let me know about your curriculum.  Kids in class and some of the teachers were wondering.
Blog Entry CommentsComments: 29 (Last: Cariad · 11/7/09 10:03 AM)

Barbers of a certain age, around the area I live, are passing away.  Lindall Taylor, fairly young man, gone.  Bruce Boone, been semi retired for awhile, gone.  Jon Martin, been barbering (and fishing) forever, gone.  Ron Seets Jr. has quit working at the shop and only cuts hair at the prison outside of Vienna, Illinois.  Ron Seets Sr., (my barber for about 30 years) still cutting hair, but is scaling back.  Upshot?  Time to start considering a new hair cuttery.

Ron Sr. KNOWS what I want done to my hair. It's the same every time. "Get it off my ears and neck, and THIN IT OUT.  Mostly, thin it out.  Then thin it out some more.  Sure, he may ask my opinion, but it isn't going to have any effect on how my hair is cut.

Ron Sr. talks about local politics, state, city and county.  I catch up on people who have come in lately. Folks that have retired from where I work that he sees weekly or so.  We talk about our kids, grandkids and other's kids and grandkids.  Know what we don't talk about?  WHAT A HAIRCUT IS!.

Ron Sr. is always closed on Mondays.  Always has been. Some kind of union thing maybe.  Saturday morning has always been my day to go hang out at the barbershop, read the newspaper and talk about the Friday night High School game.  Well, Ron Sr. has quit working on Saturdays.  Claims he has been cutting hair on Saturdays for 43 years, and he is tired. Not going to do it anymore.  Furthermore, he is going to close at 4:30 pm instead of 5:00 pm.  Well that does put a cramp in my style.  I get off work at 4:00 and there are usually several guys ahead of me, no matter when I show up.  After he told me that, I figured I may want to get someone new lined up in the wings to cut this mop of hair. Have I mentioned that my hair feels like the rear end of an unsheared poodle?

Well, upshot is, I went to a clip joint in the Walmart store.  Great Clips or some such.  Lady called me right back to the chair.  I was kind of nervous having never been in a clip joint like that before.  She asked me,  "So what do you want done with your hair?"  I replied, "A haircut." She wanted to know if I wanted to look at a style book.  "No, just get it off my ears and neck and thin it out." She answered with "But, how do you want it styled?"  I nearly ran from the joint.  "Uhhhh.. just a haircut."  Don't they teach Haircut 101 in Cosmotology any more?  Seems like there should be Basic Haircutting, then all the fancy stuff. 

I now make it a point to hurry on down to Ron Sr. straight after work to get my hair cut.  I don't know what I will do when he hangs up the apron.  Maybe he could do some index cards with our details, for us to take with us after he quits.
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We have turned the corner on the back bedroom renovation. We are starting to put stuff back in.  The paneling is gone, the carpet is gone, the old drywall is gone, ceiling tiles and subfloor out of there.  So, Sube and I logged off of the Clouds long enough to drive to the Go to Place - The Home Depot.  

Sube and I picked up:
A  52 inch ceiling light and fan                   139.00
Drywall Screws                                        56.96
16 p nails                                                11.94
Wire nuts                                                 3.80
Folding Razor                                            8.78
250 foot of 12-3 wiring                              84.26
A couple of dang deals for the ceiling           53.94
Bunch of gang boxes, plug ins and switches   21.97

Total      with tax                                    423.57

Ouch.  Still have to get 20 sheets of 12 foot Drywall, OSB for the floor, luann (How do you spell that thin wood material that goes under the laminated flooring?)  Laminated flooring, mud and tape. Estimated expense left to put out $800.00  
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